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Starting with the Buddha, followers of the Dharma have gone forth into the forest, to live simply, and dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to looking into the deeper matters of life.

By creating retreat centers in places where the Dharma is taking root,  we create places of refuge clearly dedicated to realization of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, here and now. The elements are vivid in the forest, and reveal the truth of our interconnected existence.

Poems from mountain yogis call out appreciation for the land and the beings, without whose support their retreat would not be possible. Nor would the fruits of their practice there be possible, which are dedicated for the benefit of all beings with a heart full of compassion. Already guests at the Land rejoice in the project and in people coming together, creating conditions for urban dwellers, and those in need of rejuvenation, to dwell in the forest.

"Contemplating the clear moon
Reflecting a mind empty as the open sky-
Drawn by its beauty,
I lose myself
In the shadow it casts."

Dogen "Poem From a Grass Hut"

Creating a place for retreat, and being retreatants ourselves, we express a thousands year old tradition of awakening.

"Around this Mandala, this sacred spot,
May the lotus petals of purity open;
Around this Mandala, this sacred spot,
May the vajra-wall of determination extend;
Around this Mandala, this sacred spot,
May the flames that transmute Samsara into Nirvana arise.
Here seated, here practicing
May our mind become Buddha,
May our thought become Dharma,
May our communication with one another be Sangha.
For the happiness of all beings,
For the benefit of all beings,
With body, speech, and mind,
We dedicate this place."

Triratna Dedication Ceremony excerpt