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"Even a water-pot is filled by the falling of drops of water. A wise person becomes full of goodness even if one gathers it little by little."

the Dhammapada


Our Goal over the next year (by December 2013) is to raise $10,000 from the wider Triratna community for the new Triratna retreat center in Northern California. 

This money will augment the hard work we are doing locally to repay our initial purchase loan. We need to honor these loan obligations before making more major improvements to the retreat center. There is still so much we would like to do to make this space conducive to larger retreats. 

We are asking our friends from the wider sangha to contribute by sponsoring the planting of flowers and trees.  Your donation will allow us to pay down the loan, and will also directly fund our beautification projects.  

Please will you join us? $10 to $10,000. We welcome your investment! Plant the seeds of the Buddha’s Dharma in North America.


$10 will sponsor a bulb in the garden

$50 will sponsor 2 bulbs

$100 will sponsor 3 bulbs

$500 - $10,000 will sponsor a fruit tree in the orchard


For questions, email sfbuddhistcenter@gmail.com