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"The Bodhisattva creates a mandala through a response to the world that is aesthetic and appreciative, rather than utilitarian."


San Francisco Buddhist Center is home to a vibrant sangha.  We are part of the Triratna Buddhist Community, which promotes meditation and meditation retreats.  Since the mid-1990’s, we have been holding retreats that friends from North America and abroad have joined: two annual week-long retreats, ordination training and ordination retreats, and Order conventions. In 2010 we sponsored the first month-long Total Immersion meditation retreat in North America, with great success.

We foster a creative exchange among teachers to deepen their craft. We value sponsoring some of our Movement’s best teachers to lead our retreats. In addition, we cultivate strong local retreat leaders who also lead retreats internationally. The SFBC is a vibrant jewel, in the image of our tradition as Indra’s interconnected net. 

Our teacher, Bhante Sangharakshita, has a vision of vibrant sanghas, creating a "New Society", not just with city centers, but with retreat centers and right livelihood businesses. It is a vision of a complete and integrated Buddhist lifestyle, encouraging people to transform in all aspects of their lives. Having a Triratna retreat center established on the West Coast of the United States enables us to offer more of Bhante’s vision to the world. 

Help us plant the seeds of the Dharma in North America. Join our mandala of practice.